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Four Simple Steps for Abundant Living

sea-749619_1280In today’s world we are so often reminded of how, through our intention, we have the ability to manifest our destiny. That with clear vision, faith, and by employing an act as if attitude, the universe will magically open up and bestow its riches upon us. But most of us simply find it difficult to break the monotony of the day to day grind or the constant barrage by the voice that resides within us. We batter and bruise ourselves throughout each hour of each day telling ourselves stories about how we are lacking. It is a struggle to maintain any real sense of our capability to manifest something let alone anything our hearts desire. We forget how powerful, graceful, and divine we truly are. Why say no, and why not are concepts that seem to elude us almost entirely. We lose our grip on the magic that surrounds us, the magic which enables us to create the very lives we are living.

It is the strength within our perception of the world around us, and our self-perception that ultimately serve to shape our reality. There are steps we can take to improve our perception to include the gift of possibility more frequently throughout our days. We choose to focus our thoughts in any particular direction, and that direction shapes our perception and predicts our experiences from moment to moment. By implementing the following short list of daily rituals we empower ourselves with the possibility for better or more rewarding experiences.

  1. Practice Daily Gratitude:

Take time every morning and every evening to give thanks. Start a journal that you will write down at least three things you are thankful for right after you wake up in the morning. These should not be things you feel you should be grateful for, but things that you truly are grateful for, no matter how big or small, then do the same ritual right before you go to bed at night. By practicing this ritual you are setting the stage for your day from a positive perspective by choosing to reflect on positive things. By practicing gratitude, you remind yourself of what is working in your life, shifting your thought patterns toward a more positive light. You are also enjoying a sense of abundance and more will be drawn to you.

  1. Take a Time-Out:

It is important that we take at least ten to twenty minutes a day to be alone and reconnect with ourselves. This is meant to be quiet time that you use to connect to your higher self, reminding yourself of why you are valued and what you are capable of. This is a moment to find peace and tranquility with the real you. This will strengthen your spirit and reinforce your positive frame of mind.

  1. Focused Thinking through Journaling:

Keep a journal of what you truly desire from any given scenario or aspect of your life and write in the journal daily. This will aid you in setting clear personal boundaries and prevent you from bringing negative situations into your life. Focused thinking will also strengthen your determination and encourages you to think outside the box, allowing for more opportunities to present themselves to you. This practice will empower you as you become clearer and clearer on what you do and do not want. Your sense of self-worth will improve and your drive and motivation will also increase.

  1. Give to Others:

The act of giving or doing for others brings a feeling of balance and wellbeing to your heart. It enriches your experience of life to bring happiness to others. The act of giving reminds you that you are worthy and valuable. Your sense of self-worth increases dramatically when you perform the act of giving.

Practicing these rituals on a daily basis will train your thoughts to stay focused on possibility and keep you in a positive mindset, effectively allowing abundance to find you. By the repetitive action of the steps listed above you are going about the building of a better life for yourself that will be more fulfilling than it would otherwise.