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From the Chef ♣ July 2015

July is upon us and we hope you are enjoying your summer.

This month we will be focussing our thoughts on the trials and tribulations of self. No where will the work you do count more than the work you put into you, and we want to inspire your best self. Keep checking in all month long for new posts about balance, creativity, and other things like the power of perception. Most of the posts this month will have to do with helping you improve and become open to the power of possibility.


Michelle Rene.


From the Chef    ♣    June 2015

June will ring in the summer. We hope you will be enjoying some sunshine this month.Our focus for the month of June will be music and health.

Music can rouse us from our slumber and excite us into having fun and feeling good. This month at the YSayNoCafe we will be posting several playlists on the Jukebox, one of which should surely peek your interest. Take some time and listen in, or sing along as we will be posting all of the lyrics as well. We hope you enjoy the collections we assemble, our hope is to make your days more enjoyable and keep you moving forward toward your goals.

Health is a big concern for us this month and we keep thinking of all those patrons who failed to shed their winter pounds and are feeling like crap because of it. Let’s face it, what you put into your body directly effects the quality of your life and the experiences you gain from day to day living. We are adding some amazing healthy diet ideas that will not only have you shedding up to thirty pounds by the end of summer, but get your skin glowing, your hair shining, and your energy level on the rise. Let’s change your life for the better from the inside out.

So be sure to stop by the Cafe for your dose of some of our best this month, you wont regret it.

As always, thank you for your patronage.

Michelle Rene

From the Chef ♣ May 2015

The month of May is all about awareness as we spring forward. We will be researching documentaries to bring you some of the best food for thought that’s out there.

Check out The Patio for some seriously enlightening information.

We hope your spring sees you thriving 🙂

Michelle Rene

From The Chef ♣ April 2015

Tulip Bed

Welcome to April! Last month was a bit shy on content while we were away from the Cafe and tending to our gardens, but April is the month to wake up – so we will be posting new videos to our documentary library this month that you wont want to miss. More topics we are sure to cover:

  • Writing Tips
  • Yoga
  • Balance
  • Book Nook
  • Artists Corner
  • The Music Scene
  • UFO’s

Be sure to check the Patio for the latest gossip and other interesting tidbits.


Michelle Rene

From the Chef ♣ March 2015

Bleeding White Hearts 02Spring is Sprung!

Welcome to March! Spring has sprung and we are away from the Cafe and tending to our gardens. We will be posting videos that include new music artists, and will start adding to our documentary library. Be sure to check the Patio for the latest gossip and other interesting tidbits.


Michelle Rene